Alan Moore on Robert Anton Wilson

I'm not one for regrets, dear Lord no. I'm far too vague for that. Regret raises issues such as free will and foresight, and these confuse me deeply. Best to just ignore the whole subject and just get on with things.

That said, I am aware that there are things that I have done that I should have done better. One such example is when I was asked to add a couple of hundred of 'personal' words to Robert Anton Wilson's obituary in the Guardian. This was a honour, and not one I'm sure I deserved. For those who haven't tried to sum up Robert Anton Wilson in so few words, I can assure you that it is damn near impossible. But that said, I tried to say too much, ended up saying too little, and should have done better. There's a bit in the second paragraph where 2 different sentences are mangled together to make one brand new sentence that makes no sense whatsoever. Perhaps that conceals a fnord?

So in the spirit of repentance, I link here to YouTube footage of Alan Moore reading his tribute to RAW at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. We can always trust Alan Moore to show everybody else how it should be done.

Now, this is a reference-heavy work, which may baffle those unfamiliar with RAW's life and work. And for those who are allergic to video footage where a Crazy Man has been let loose on the video dissolve controls, then please avoid this like the plague. But, otherwise, here is a portrait of Robert Anton Wilson that is as true as they come...