Pictures of Mike Standing by Signs.

I have spent a large chunk of my alloted years photographing people standing by signs. Quite why I do this, I do not know. It does not strike me as being a particularly useful way to occupy myself, but what do I know? I just feel that it is something that I should do.

You may have already noticed my photos of people standing in front of signs, such as this or this. However, what I like to do best is photograph Mike Seal standing in front of signs.

Here is Mike by a sign. This is not a photo that needs any further comment.

Here is Mike squatting proudly by the sign put up in his honour. I should probably explain that Mike was the individual who got the beating. He was not the one going around assaulting people. That would be quite wrong. If he does eventually attack somebody and the police put up a sign, I will photograph him next to it. But not grinning like that. Or sticking his thumbs up.

I'm unable to say exactly what sign Mike is with here, because he is standing in front of it. I recall we were in a graveyard on the Maltese Island of Gozo in the early hours of the morning, for some reason, and as you can probably tell by looking at him, he is in a bit of a state. This is because a lot of drinking had occured. Still, he is standing, so he cannot be that bad. Not like our Maltese friend, who freaked out and claimed to have seen the Virgin Mary, and been told the manner of his death. That was a very strange night, now I come to think about it.

There are other photos of that night, but I won't put them up as they don't feature people standing next to signs.