Who's on drums?

Last night on Jonathan Ross' chat show, he showed footage of Tom Jones from 1964:

Hang on, who's that on drums?

Surely that's Matt Smith, aka the 11th Doctor Who?

It is Matt Smith! But how can this be? Matt Smith wasn't born in 1964. Also, he is not yet the time traveller.

Ah - but he will be! And if in the future he goes back into the past, say to drum for Tom Jones, then that will have already happened.

It all makes perfect sense if you don't think about it too hard.

Feb 15th.

Meanwhile, poster BorderReiver from Outpost Gallery reckons that they have spotted Time Traveller Matt in the 70s, in the audience of a Sweet gig:

With a bit of a permanent wave to the hair.

Where will he turn up next, I wonder?