Tea Towels

I still love going to gigs, but being of advanced years I can no longer get away with buying band T-shirts. However, I am not so old that I am incapable of doing the dishes. Therefore, I require tea-towels. Could bands not produce tea-towel merchandise for the likes of me?

But there is a problem. Tea-towels are mundane and domestic. Few bands are confident enough in their mystique to risk associating with them. Could there be anything naffer, for example, than a Coldplay tea towel? Even Kiss would draw the line at an officially sanctioned tea-towel. What artist is so cool that they can produce their own tea towel, and not only still be cool, but somehow be even cooler?

There is only one – just one. And that is Nick Cave.

Friends, the day has come where I share with you my collection of Nick Cave tea-towels. You may be wondering how large my collection is. I can tell you that it stands at two. Two is a good size for a collection of Nick Cave tea-towels, I think. Any more and it would start to get weird.

This is my first, which I bought at a pre-tour warm up gig on Hastings Pier. This tea towel shows the lyrics to The Lyre Of Orpheus. I'm afraid that over the years it has become somewhat grotty. Click to embiggen.

Here is the second of the two, from a more recent tour. This one features the hand-written lyrics to the Mercy Seat. Note that Nick has skimped on the two-colour printing for this tea-towel, but was still charging the same price. Not your finest move, Nick.


  1. Any reference to Nick Cave in the domestic environment is a wonderful thing - I want the tea towels! Any plans for a pinny and oven gloves? How about a range of cookware?

  2. @Lisa
    I was hoping to release a cookbook this year, actually...

  3. What I really want, I think, is a Nick Cave egg cup.

  4. I'd give you 15 quid for The Mercy Seat towel, if you're bored of it.

    He's got a range of towels now; http://shop.lovepolice.com.au/nickcaveandthebadseeds.products/teatowel

    No egg cups yet though.


  5. You know you're a certain age when...I've got the Lyre of Orpheus (though it's a bit stained now) and I just bought a Grinderman!

  6. PS I'm just about to blog about this phenomenon


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