Interactive Fiction

I've been experimenting with interactive fiction. If you're wondering what interactive fiction is like, click here and read my short story First Against The Floor.

Actually, that's a terrible title for a story, isn't it? Hmmm.  Don't be surprised if it's called something else tomorrow.

It's written using inklewriter. If you want a bit more background, head over to my other blog, Books Vs Apps, and find out more.

Readers of The Brandy of the Damned will recognise a certain character in First Against The Floor, or whatever it ends up being called tomorrow.


  1. It's like a "choose your own adventure" book except instead of always making narrative choices, you sometimes respond with a pre-cut question or reaction. I really like the idea!

    The formatting is great, it's very fluid and I don't feeling like I'm going through a card catalog like I did when I was a kid reading choose your own adventure books. I would always get distracted by the pages I was passing by. Your version reads very naturally.

    Constructive criticism: I think you could use the different possible reactions to say more. Throw in a couple that the reader might not understand at first. Make them wonder why you put it there. Just a thought, I don't know how feasible it would be.

    1. Thanks Nick. Yeah it's actually incredibly conservative in the amount of options it gives, and many of them are 'false choices' that both point to the same thing. I think if I do another one I will go more wild with it.

      This though was an experiment to see how involved you can make the reader feel when they don't influence events and the plot doesn't change in a 'Choose Your Own Adventure' way. A lot of this is down to rhythm and pacing, I think. Once I get my head round that, I'll feel much more confident about letting loose with the choices.


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