The KLF paperback: September

I am very happy to announce that the paperback version of my KLF book will be released on September 26th and can be pre-ordered here.

And because this is a story that grew out of a fire, I'm quietly delighted that the imprint of Orion which it will be released under is... Phoenix.

One of the many Phoenixes I've been spotting recently.

Thanks for your patience while all this was being arranged. The book is largely the same, although we've added some photographs, a bit more polish, a 'notes & sources' section, a discography and a timeline. It'll be as good as it can be with a less-shit cover, basically, and should satisfy everyone who's messaged me to ask for either a physical copy, an ePub version, or the option to buy it from places other than Amazon.

The paperback - now going under the name The KLF: Chaos, Magic and the Band who burned a Million Pounds - is being released by Orion in the UK and Commonwealth (accept Canada). Note that the original ebook is still available from Amazon in those territories, but not for much longer - I'll be taking it down very soon (it will remain up in the rest of the world, of course).

And as for what's coming after that, there's some exciting news here.