Last Call for the KLF ebook

Just to forewarn anyone with half a mind to pick up a copy of the KLF ebook - I'll be pulling it from Amazon on Monday (May 27th). It will then be unavailable until September 26th, when a shiny new edition will be published by Phoenix, in paperback and assorted ebook formats (including epub at last.)

The new edition will be essentially the same except with a new cover, a photo section, a notes & sources section, a timeline and a discography, plus a little more polish here and there. We've done it proud, in other words. Early word suggests it will be £9.99 paperback and £4.99 in ebook.

Note that this only applies to the UK and Australia/New Zealand - the original ebook will remain on sale in the US and Europe. What has disappeared from sale in the US is a Kindle edition of I Have America Surrounded which was not... strictly legit, shall we say. Rest assured a new version will appear in the not so far future. Until then, if you looking for a book about Timothy Leary, you could do far worse than the new biography by R.U. Sirius, which you can download for free from