Last Call for the KLF ebook

Just to forewarn anyone with half a mind to pick up a copy of the KLF ebook - I'll be pulling it from Amazon on Monday (May 27th). It will then be unavailable until September 26th, when a shiny new edition will be published by Phoenix, in paperback and assorted ebook formats (including epub at last.)

The new edition will be essentially the same except with a new cover, a photo section, a notes & sources section, a timeline and a discography, plus a little more polish here and there. We've done it proud, in other words. Early word suggests it will be £9.99 paperback and £4.99 in ebook.

Note that this only applies to the UK and Australia/New Zealand - the original ebook will remain on sale in the US and Europe. What has disappeared from sale in the US is a Kindle edition of I Have America Surrounded which was not... strictly legit, shall we say. Rest assured a new version will appear in the not so far future. Until then, if you looking for a book about Timothy Leary, you could do far worse than the new biography by R.U. Sirius, which you can download for free from


  1. I've been eagerly awaiting this to come out as paperback so I can bring it up at my Book Group! I loved the Kindle version I read last year, but Kindle-only books are a bit of a hard sell to the other members. I'll get a few copies lined up in September to hand out...

    1. Good call. I predict a *very* strange discussion afterwards...


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