Tour Dates

Well, it's a bunch of talks over the next six months - I can pretend that's a tour, can't I? A man can dream.

A couple of these are still a little vague, but I'll update as the fog lifts.

SUNDAY APRIL 6th - Black Dove, Brighton
Me and Daisy Eris Campbell discussing Robert Anton Wilson, The KLF and Cosmic Trigger

WEDS 14 MAY - Spiegeltent, Brighton Festival
Cabaret of the Mind: Tricksters & Troublemakers. Talks on KLF, Ken Campbell and the Church of the SubGenius from me, Daisy, Dr Bramwell and JimBob from Carter

SAT 17 MAY - The Corner, Nottingham
Pulling the Cosmic Trigger, with Daisy, Adrian Reynolds and Anna Reynolds

SAT JULY 24-27, Port Elliot Festival, Cornwall
Me, CJ Stone and Daisy Eris Campbell will be appearing in the Ways With Weirds lineup.

AUG 7 - 10, Wilderness Festival Oxfordshire
I'm doing a couple of talks in the Odditorium tent, one on The KLF and one with Daisy on Robert Anton Wilson

AUG 15 - 17, Weird Weekend, Devon
Talking about The KLF and assorted strangeness, CJ Stone will also be appearing.

NOV 20th-23rd - Cosmic Trigger Festival, Liverpool
Of which more news anon.

Anyone who comes to all events wins a cheese.

Hope to see you along the way.