Adventures on the Edge of Culture

We've got something a bit special planned for this years Brighton Fringe. The May 12th Odditorium, called Adventures on the Edge of Culture, is an evening of the following...

A talk from me called Ziggy Blackstar & the Art of Becoming
Shardcore on subverting social networks
Melinda Gebbie and Daisy Campbell in conversation
Dr David Bramwell on Sun-Ra and living myths
Greg Wilson, Kermit Leveridge and me in conversation,
and a talk and Q&A from Alan Moore.

Yeah, that's right, Alan Moore's coming to Brighton.

Which means - this will probably sell out pretty quickly. Which means, you might want to get tickets now.

So you'll have to tackle the Fringe booking website, which is far from easy and which currently doesn't even make it clear when this particular event is on. This may be fixed soon, but for now, here's the link.

You need to select the May 12th event - this is 3 hour one, not the usual hour and half talks (it will run from 6pm to 9pm).

I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to this - see you there!

UPDATE - MARCH 6th: And... that sold out quick, in just over a day. Hope you got tickets okay. If not, there are three other Odditorium events at the Fringe with different speakers, which are well worth a look.