Summer 2017 talks and appearances

Summer is (just about) with us and my new book Watling Street is getting ready to launch... but more on that soon. Now it's time to leave the house and pop up in strange places to talk about that book and other strange stuff.

To warm up, I've already done talks for Women In Art, the Super Weird Happening at The Florrie, Liverpool and the Cosmic Trigger play. Here's what's still to come, I'm either coming to a place near you or trying my damnedest to:

May 22 - Bath Literary Festival.
This will be my first talk about the new book - let's see if it makes sense to anyone other than me.

May 24 - Odditorium 'Watling Street' Event, Spiegeltent, Brighton Fringe.
I'm utterly thrilled to report that I'll be joined by those giants of psychogeography, Alan Moore and Iain Sinclair, plus music from Oddfellow's Casino, for this unique one-off event. This is a bigger venue than last year's Fringe talks, but it is looking like it will still sell out, so get in soon.

May 25 - Odditorium book event, Bosco Tent, Brighton Fringe
...and the following day I'll be one of the gang in the neighbouring Bosco Tent focusing on the Odditorium book - I'll be talking about Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven.

June 4 - Byline Festival, Sussex
A talk called Operation Mindfuck: The Experiment that Fucked Itself by myself and David Bramwell

June 18 - Willowman Festival, Thirsk, Yorkshire
In beautiful North Yorkshire as part of the Chapel Perilous stage, with assorted movers from the neo-Discordian world - memorable times ahead.

June 30 - Buckingham Literary Festival 
Talking about Watling Street not far from Bletchley Park and Milton Keynes, both of which figure in that book.

July 1 - Irregular Folks Summer Sessions, Oxford
Appearing as part of David Bramwell's travelling Odditorium circus.

July 2 - Evesham Festival, Worchestershire
More Odditorium fun at the festival finale.

July 12 - Brighton Waterstones
The Watling Street book launch! Come one, come all, there may even be drink.

July 13 - West End Lane Books, West Hampstead, London
Another Watling Street talk, close to its London route.

July 14 - Lichfield Literary Festival, Staffordshire 
A talk on Watling Street with added ghosts.

July 15 - Latitude Festival
As part of the Salon London: False Memories of Time and Place event.

July 17 - Nunhead Women's Institute, London
In the Old Nun's Head.

July 19 - Waterstones Canterbury

July 25 - Waterstones Shrewsbury

July 26 - Waterstones Northampton
With Alan Moore.

July 27 - Booka Bookshop, Oswestry, Shropshire
I've heard nothing but good things about this indie bookshop.

August 6 - Wilderness Festival, Oxfordshire
Talking about Operation Mindfuck for Odditorium Podcast live, with David Bramwell, in the main Forum tent at 5pm.

August 10 - Waterstones St Albans

September 13 - Conway Hall, London
A Watling Street talk in the London Fortean Society's 'New Lands' series.

October 7 - Henley Literary Festival

October 11 - Shoreham Wordfest
"Operation Chaos: a debate on active citizenship led by political columnist Rafael Behr. Featuring an introductory romp through the history of misinformation by David Bramwell and John Higgs."

October 12 - The Indelicates album launch, Brighton
More on this intriguing event later.

November 24 - Buxton Festival