Talking RAW with Alan Moore

Yesterday me and @DaisyEris Campbell drove up to Northampton to visit Alan Moore, the Greatest Living Englishman, to talk about Robert Anton Wilson. We filmed the interview and we'll show it in Liverpool on Feb 23rd. If you can't make that, then Daisy will also use the footage as part the indiegogo campaign to crowdfund the Cosmic Trigger play, which kicks off on April 23rd.

There was a lot of press recently about Alan's decision to withdraw from interviews and public appearances, so the fact that he was good enough to do this for us yesterday is an indication of how important RAW is to him. Alan has only rarely been asked about Wilson in interviews, and what he has to say is well worth hearing.

Mighty Alan Moore, Northampton Jan 30th 2014
If that wasn't enough, we also met Steve Moore, whose eternal novel Somnium will finally appear in paperback later this year, and Alistair Fruish, whose novel Kiss My ASBO will please all who hanker after a bit of dark urban psychedelia. Alistair, it turns out, rides a rowbike, which is a bike that is propelled by rowing rather than cycling. As a result I found myself standing in a Northampton terraced street watching him row past, while Alan Moore told me that the trick was to wave as he passed as this made him automatically take his hand of the handles and fall off. Should my mind ever be wiped, I suspect that will be one of the last memories to go.

Ken Campbell's Illuminatus! play famously included the voice of Sir John Geilgud as FUCKUP, the artificially intelligent supercomputer which predicts Armageddon by use of the I Ching. As Daisy's Cosmic Trigger play includes scenes from the staging of Illuminatus!, she had the problem of finding someone significant enough to step into Geilgud's shoes. Ultimately it comes down to a choice between Alan Moore and Richard Dawkins and, lets be honest, Alan has the better voice. And also, a sense of humour. So his lines have been recorded, and those planning on coming to see the play will now hear Alan Moore as the voice of FUCKUP.

For more news on all of this get yourself to Liverpool on Feb 23rd, where there will be talks, performances, music, and me discussing the origins of my KLF book in a talk entitled 'I Blame Liverpool'. See you there, yes?